[mrtg] Inbound and outbound values are identical

Eric Brander mailinglists at rednarb.com
Thu Oct 4 22:32:08 CEST 2007

On 10/3/07, Chris Miroslaw <chrismiroslaw at myplnet.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have issues with MRTG and an ASA appliance? MRTG keeps reporting
> inbound and outbound values as being identical. I saw a couple posts
> regarding some SNMP changes with ASAs and was curious to see if anyone else
> had seen this. I can't find a straight answer.

I am running MRTG against an ASA 5510 running 7.0(6) OS without any problems.
I am running MRTG against a Pix 525 running 7.2(2) OS without any problems.

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