[mrtg] FW: Checkpoint PAckets

Alegria, Luis lalegria at ics-canada.net
Wed Oct 31 17:04:16 CET 2007

 H I Everyone:

I've bee having a Dilema(or a Brain Fart! as i prefer to call it)(Also a
4 and 1 year have been keeping awake......). I'm trying to plot packets
information from our check point firewall (rejected, accepted, logged
and dropped), but I do not seem to get the right data on the graph. now
I've messing around with the Options[firewall_x.x.x.x] in the config

Target[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: at

SetEnv[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: MRTG_INT_IP="x.x.x.x"
MRTG_INT_DESCR="Firewall-Accepted Packets"

Options[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: nopercent,absolute,noo,perminute

MaxBytes[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: 10000000

Title[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: Firewall -- Accepted Packets

Colours[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: RED #CC0000,BLUE #0099FF,GREEN
#009900,MIDNIGHT BLUE #151B54

YLegend[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: FW-1 Accepts / min

ShortLegend[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: |

LegendI[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: packets

Legend1[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: FW-1 Accepted Packets

Legend3[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: Max Fw-1 Accepted Packets

routers.cgi*Graph[Firewall_AcceptedPckts]: All-Protocols


Please check my options entry. Am I missing something there ?? or Do I
have something that i'm not supposed to have in..... I have seen
different options entries on the net for these specifics checkpoint's
Oids.....please feel free to correct anything that you see wrong in
there.. thank you...

PLease I need to see the Light.....



Luis ALegria


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Subject: [mrtg] 95 percentile calculating and graphing

I have been using MRTG to monitor bandwidth usage from the 3COM 4250T
switch. I configured MRTG to zoom in 7 different ports, one for the
total traffic and the other 6 are for different individual networks.
Since the ISP is billing based on 95 percentile, I really need to
calculate and graph the 95% limit line on the generated graphs. 
I've been scouting the internet for this, and I've found the scripts
though. However,  I have no idea how to implement it and have it work.

Can you please give me any general ideas about this? It will be so

Thanks very much!
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