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Craig Metzer ucantspamthis at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 19 20:27:15 CEST 2007

Ahoy Maties !! OK, I'll skip the pirate talk to explain my problem ..... Has anyone written a mod to log targets to an Oracle (or any other) database using SQL rather than local log files? I'm using MRTG to monitor performance on a large network.  I have the need to change the log format to use Oracle for several reasons.  1. I'm running into performance problems with the dotlog files.  2. I'm using the Sean Adams 95th%ile to archive my 5 minute samples and calculate 95th%ile (no RRD support).  3. I need reporting capabilities.  We use Crystal Reports, so storing my data in the enterprise Oracle db opens the door to many reporting options.  4. We're replacing MRTG with Proviso next year, so I just need to keep it going until we get the new system on-line.  I don't want to invest too much effort in developing the db support. I've got RRD support installed and I'm, using it where I can, but the bulk of my targets use log files.  My processors are at 100% most due to IOwait.  I believe I'm chewing up my resources writing graphs. It looks easy enough to write a function to write to the db using SQL.  I need to create the graphs on-demand like is done with RRD, so I could mod the CGI script to pull the data from the db rather than RRD.  I think that's more involved because it looks like the graph functions are in the RRD mod.  If anyone has done this in whole or in part, I'd like to start with that.  If not, does anyone have any ideas on the best approach to this?  Arrgh, may the wind be with ye and ye sails never rot !!  Craig Metzer
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