[mrtg] ShortLegend disabled by kMG

Jeremy Perkins perkins at egret.sao.arizona.edu
Thu Sep 20 20:10:57 CEST 2007


I just set up MRTG for our local network and I added in monitoring of
tcp echo requests to a few machines.  I'm gathering the data via a
script that returns the max and min echo time in microseconds and it's
working well.  However, I wanted to set the units correctly on the
monitoring page via the 'kMG' option along with the 'ShortLegend' but
when I use the 'kMG' option, it disables the 'ShortLegend' on the
monitoring page (ie. I only see the numbers, no units after them).

Here is the relevent portion of my config file:

Target[echo_1]: `/usr/local/bin/echoping-mrtg.pl`
Options[echo_1]: gauge, noinfo, nopercent, nobanner,logscale
MaxBytes[echo_1]: 10000000
kMG[echo_1]: u,m,,k,M,G
ShortLegend[echo_1]: sec
YLegend[echo_1]: seconds
LegendO[echo_1]: Maximum Echo Time:
Legend2[echo_1]: Maximum Echo Time
LegendI[echo_1]: Minimum Echo Time:
Legend1[echo_1]: Minimum Echo Time
Title[echo_1]: TCP Echo Time
PageTop[echo_1]: <h1>TCP Echo Time</h1>

If I comment out the 'kMG' option, the 'ShortLegend' appears as it should.

Any ideas?

J. Perkins
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

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