[mrtg] Few Quetions regarding MRTG+RRD

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Apr 8 00:41:23 CEST 2008

1) Does 14all do this?  I know that you get this if you use routers2 as
the frontend instead of 14all, but I don't think 14all supports this
functionality.  For more information on routers2 (including a demo), see
http://www.steveshipway.org/software . I think it's good, but then, I'm
biased, so don't necessarily take my word on it.


2) You set Interval:1 in the .cfg file, the delete the .rrd file(s), and
allow MRTG to re-create them with a 1 minute interval.  You will also
need to make certain that your MRTG data collection task is running
every minute..  This should not be difficult.


3) SNMP OIDs are constant; however, not every SNMP agent will support
all of them.  The agent may choose to use the standard way to report
RAM, or (eg: Microsoft..) they may report it in a different OID under
their own Enterprise branch.  However, if two machines have the same OS
and the same SNMP agent, then the OIDs should be the same.





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I have few questions about Mrtg n RRD integration. I am using MRTG on
Linux FC8 with RRD and 14ll.cgi as a rrd frontend.
1) At many mrtg/rrd web site, I see that we we move cursor to the graph,
it shows time hour/minute as we move cursor anywhere on graph. How can I
show this at my graphs ?
2) MRTG updates after 5 mnts. How Can I set it to refresh after every
minute. I tried setting Interval time to 1 but it still shows updates
after 5 minutes, wht else need to be configure?
3) SNMP OID's , Are these values remain same for every system or every
system have different OID's , for example to monitor RAM on remote PC,
the oids will be same for all the target pcs for linux or windows or are
they will be different for every target PC ?


Web   :  http://www.aacablenet.org/mrtg



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