[mrtg] Few Quetions regarding MRTG+RRD

Dan mrtg at dandoore.com
Mon Apr 7 20:50:14 CEST 2008

SYED JAHANZAiB ~!~ AA Internet Cable.Network Services wrote:

> 1) At many mrtg/rrd web site, I see that we we move cursor to the graph, 
> it shows time hour/minute as we move cursor anywhere on graph. How can I 
> show this at my graphs ?

I would recommend installing routers2.cgi as your front end - it will 
give you this feature and a lot more.

> 2) MRTG updates after 5 mnts. How Can I set it to refresh after every 
> minute. I tried setting Interval time to 1 but it still shows updates 
> after 5 minutes, wht else need to be configure?

If you migrated your files from .LOG on a 5 min interval then the RRD's 
will also have a 5min interval, remove your .rrd files, reset the 
interval and they will be created with the correct resolution.

> 3) SNMP OID's , Are these values remain same for every system or every 
> system have different OID's , for example to monitor RAM on remote PC, 
> the oids will be same for all the target pcs for linux or windows or are 
> they will be different for every target PC ?

They will be different by different OS and maybe even by different OS 
version, if you use a standard MIB (like UC-DAVIS for your *nix system) 
then providing each machine is reporting the MIB values then the 
template will be the same without having to use the OID numbers.

There's plenty in the archives about Windows monitoring services so have 
a look.


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