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The way we achieve this is for the network admins to put the connected host name into the port description on the switches.  Then, cfgmaker pulls out the port description which is placed in the Target definition for the link names and titles and so on.  It also allows our snazzy config tool to parse through the links and putt Routers2 crosslinks between the Targets to link the port graphs and the host graphs, but you'd have to take care of that yourself.


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Rodge Stumbaugh wrote:
I am new to mrtg. The previous network admin setup a network bandwidth monitoring application using mrtg and I noticed that most of the ,monitoring is through the switch port that the servers are connected to..is this the best practice? Also, if I want to make changes to correct where I see that several servers are no longer in service and some servers have been assigned to different ports than what is set up in mrtg, is it easier to change the inc files and the html for the monitoring site or is it better to accomplish this through the config maker?




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Config maker will setup monitoring for the ports on the switch, but it won't have a clue as to what is attached to which port on the switch.  You need to hand edit the files made by config maker for that information.

Includes are better than one big mrtg.cfg file, esp if you grow and decide to use routers2cgi and rrd later.

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