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DA Forsyth iwrtech at iwr.ru.ac.za
Wed Aug 6 09:27:54 CEST 2008

On 5 Aug 2008 , Rodge Stumbaugh entreated about
 "[mrtg] (no subject)":

> If you hand edit the inc files, then any changes to devices after that would
> not be recognized, correct? I just want to be sure that first I need to

correct.  and you also need to rebuild the indexes if you are not 
using one of the other front ends.

> change the info by hand and second that mrtg will recognize the changes.
> Like I said I am new to mrtg and wasn't a part of the original setup, so
> it's a little tricky to pick up. I'm trying to browse through the
> documentation as well at the same time. The only reason I even saw there was
> a problem was that the guy who monitors the bandwidth said there was a
> server using an extremely high amount of bandwidth. That's when I nitoiced
> that this was incoming traffic, that the server didn't seem to be getting
> the traffic and that what was listed as the server on the webpage, was in
> fact not the correct ip address, mac address or even server name. This is a
> windows environment, but I don't see how that will make much different as we
> are talking about inc files.

mrtg reads all of its setup info from one or more .cfg files.  Those 
cfg files can 'include' other files.  So the included files are just 
more .cfg files in the mrtg format.
You can create them automaticalyl using various tools, or edit them 
by hand.  If your setup changes often, I suggest you automate the 
process of identifying what is plugged into each switch port.
Just recently someone mentioned a script that does that, but I forget 
the name now.  I do it using a rather complicated series of 
operations that could probably be streamlined, and some automated 
probing that allows me to correlate MAC address to IP to NETBIOS name 
and usernames.  This info is fed into the cfg created by cfgmaker so 
that each port is identified.  Now if only I knew where the actual 
wires ran....

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