[mrtg] uh-oh

Rodge Stumbaugh monkeyhouserodge at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 16:30:51 CEST 2008

Okay, I have been playing with some includes trying to get data from an old
stinger my employer uses. I have also ran the cfgmaker a few times to see
how the configs are created to compare them with the actual includes that
are on the server in production. I noticed however that everything seems to
have stopped at around noon yesterday. I realize you can't actually see into
the setup here, but is there something that would effect everything? I
notice that the log files were last changed at the same time. There is what
appears toi be a main config file that seems to load the include files and I
did add to this file yesterday, but the only thing I did was add two config
files at the bottom. Here is what is in that file:


Htmldir: c:\mrtgdata\html

Imagedir: c:\mrtgdata\images

Logdir: c:\mrtgdata\logs

#IconDir: c:\mrtgdata\icons

Refresh: 300

Interval: 5

#LoadMIBs: /dept/net/mibs/netapp.mib,/usr/local/lib/ft100m.mib

Options[_]: growright, bits


RunAsDaemon: Yes


Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\routers.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\SERVERS.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\colocust.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\dialup.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\wifiap.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\wificust.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\dslcust.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\dslam1.inc

Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\stinger.inc



Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\sw81.inc


#Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\switches.cfg

#Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\servers.cfg

#Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\dslams.cfg

#Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\wifiap.cfg

#Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\gtvrtr.inc

#Include: c:\mrtgdata\includes\wifip2p.inc


I haven't changed or uncommented that daemon line, but was curious since
this is a windows box and mrtg is setup as a service if maybe that should be
commented out.


Am I looking in the right place? Where else should I look? I couldn't find
anything that seemed to apply in the faq section.




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