[mrtg] How to setup the mrtg for monitoring more things

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 13:00:42 CEST 2008

McDonald, Dan wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-08-16 at 15:56 +0800, Shuk Pong Leong wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I just installed the following packages under windows :
>> mrtg-2.16.2.zip
>> ActivePerl 5.8.8
>> And running the following command lines :
>> 1, perl mrtg
>> 2, perl cfgmaker public at --global "WorkDir: c:\inetpub
>> \mrtg" --output mrtg.cfg
>> 1, During the testing, there are some problem for asking : 
>> 1.1 How to create the index.html file for browser which hyper link for
>> measuring / monitoring which device ?  
> there should be a script called indexmaker.
OK, answering a newbie's question without actually answering the 
question. Strike one. (I'll leave out when you did this to me the other 

>> 1.2 How to output the daily grah every 15 mins ?
> why?  It only rolls up 30-minute averages....
OK, strike two. He wants every 15 minutes, can it be tweaked or not?

>> 1.3 How to detect the following info ?
>> 1.3.1 SNMP port number
>> 1.3.2 SNMPOID
>> 1.3.3 read-only SNMP community string
> Sorry, we are not hackers.  That information should be provided by the
> network administrator.
Strike three. This guy probably *is* the systems administrator: not all 
of us have enough knowledge to trivially deduct this stuff.

For one thing, I am a hacker. And this sort of 'hacking' is exactly what 
a sys-admin or network admin needs to do as part of their job.

Leong? (Is that the right way to address you informally?) There have 
been scripts published, such as cfgstoragemaker, to generate .cfg files 
with precisely this sort of information. I've had poor success with it 
since RHEL 4, and keep meaning to try to update it, but failing. Even if 
they don't work for you, they should give you a better idea about how to 
roll your own.

>> 2, How to setup ( config ) the mrtg for measuring ( monitoring ) the
>> following hardware usage ( used ) percentage ?
>> 2.1 CPU usage persentage.
> That really depends on the platform.  But I have a template that tends
> to work ok for Windows 2000 using the built-in snmp agent.  If you have
> some other agent, there is no telling...
And then you went on to give a usable example. But Dan, please ease up 
on the newbies. We should foster them, even if they're asking questions 
that they'd find in the documentation. In this case, the setup of 
templates is awkward.

>> 2.2 Hard Disk usage persentage [ Total ( Read / Write ), Read, Write].
>> 2.3 Ram ( Memory ) usage persentage [ Available MB, Page/sec ].
This is usually reported via 'hrStorage' SNMP settings by tools like 
cfgstoragemaker with MRTG, but I've been having trouble with it for a 
while now.

>> 2.4 Network INT usage persentage [ Total ( Packets/sec ), Packets
>> Received/sec, Packets Sent/sec].
> packets per second doesn't have a hard maximum - as the packet size gets
> larger, the max goes down.  It's not a terribly interesting figure.
Also an interesting point.

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