[mrtg] Measuring Windows 2000 Server's CPU/Ram/Disk/Network INTUsage

Edward Leung edwardspl.mo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 10:32:06 CEST 2008

Dear William,

Sorry, would you mind to tell me which Windows SNMP Extension Agents I may
download ?
Any which device or hardware are you monitoring ?

Thank for your help !


2008/8/18, William Owen <William.Owen at profilesmail.com>:
>  If you are monitoring an Win2x server box using SNMP and want to pull
> CPU, RAM, Disk and Interface traffic, I'd recommend having a look at SNMP
> Informant (http://www.snmp-informant.com) and look at the free agent (pay
> ones are nice as well if you have the specific apps they monitor).  The
> installation guide (
> http://www.wtcs.org/informant/files/readme/Installation%20and%20Configuration%20Guide.pdf)
> is pretty informative for how to get SNMP running in the Windows world and
> general guidelines to how to get it off the ground with any SNMP based
> monitoring app.  If you google "SNMP Informant" and "MRTG" you should get
> lots of examples.
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> Dear All,
> Would you mind to show me some of example of mrtg measuring Windows 2000
> Server's usage script ( CPU,Ram, Disk and Network INT )?
> Sorry, I am new to mrtg and very hard to trying to ask and search for
> the sample config file...BUT nothing for the test....
> Many thank for your help !
> Edward.
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