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Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 9 02:28:54 CET 2008

1)  Why are we specifying max bytes when we are using MRTG to monitor rtt,
packetloss,cpuload etc?

Historical reasons.  Originally, MRTG was designed to monitor just network

2)options [:]:integer.......what does this option....The mrtg website says
"Print summary lines below graph as integers without commas"

Below graphs, you get text summaries like 'Max In: ... Avg In: ...  Last In:
...' giving the Max, Avg and Last values for the data.  If the 'integer'
option is given, these values are printed as integers.  This is useful if
you are graphing (for example) number of active data lines.  Then 0.5 line
doesn’t make sense.

3) I can monitor rtt and packet loss with MRTG by making use of
 what does these two values represent......

These are the two values given to MRTG to store for graphing.  In the case
of mrtg-ping-probe, they are the highest and lowest RTT from the set of ping
probes.  So, if you send 5 probes, you'll get a range.  The routers2
frontend spots this and graphs it as a floating bar to display the range of
ping response times.

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