[mrtg] Adjusting Y Values when graphing temperature

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Thanks Steve  implemented routers2cgi on a windows server a few years
back, is there a current installer that uses the latest version MRTG?


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If using the Routers2 frontend, you can use the routers.cgi*LowerLimit[]
directive to change the default lower limit of zero.  Similarly
routers.cgi*UpperLimit[] can be used to set the graph upper limit.  You
can then use the extended option 'rigid' to prevent these values from
being automatically extended if the graph data falls outside of the


If your device reports temperatures in Centigrade, there is also a
useful extended option 'c2fi' and 'c2fo' to convert centigrade to
farenheit on display, if you want to store the values in centigrade.





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Hello All

I'm monitoring temperatures in Fahrenheit (sample graph attached).   My
temperature is always between 50 and 100degrees


Rather than my Y: axis having to start at zero, can I adjust the graph
it starts at 50? 


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