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Subject: 	Re: [mrtg] How can I get totals instead of rates ?
Date: 	Sun, 14 Dec 2008 12:56:54 -0600
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Neither MRTG nor Routers2 require a webserver. MRTG, when run in
'native' mode, rebuilds all graphs every 5 minutes and is limited in
it's options to present the data to you. And the author has stated this
is the last version to support rateup(the binary that makes the .png
graphs.). The future of MRTG is to no longer make graphs, but just query
the targets and store the data in a RRD database. So no new features
have been put in rateup for a while and never will. You still need to
use a program of some kind to display the graphs. A web browser is one
type of program that is capable of displaying .png files.

Routers2 is a separate program(referred to as a fronted to MRTG) that
has many more options availible to you for variations in presenting the
data in the graphs. There are other frontends besides Routers2 that
replace the graphing function. Steve just happens to be more familar
with Routers2 because he wrote it.

I have written .cgi scripts to create graphs on demand via Routers2.
It's easier for me as it's quite easy to install a webserver and it
really makes it easy for me to make a frontend for the graphs I need on

A little knowledge of Perl and there is no reason you can not make these
standalone scripts and then you can just use a browser or a file viewer
that knows what a .png is to display them.


Dan White wrote:
> 'Scuse me, but is this a support mailing list for MRTG or for Routers2 ?
> My main objection to trying Routers2 is that it requires a web server.
> All I want is to be able to monitor my own bandwidth use.
> I do not want to have to set up a web server just to do that.
> On Dec 14, 2008, at 10:30 AM, Lyle Giese wrote:
>> Dan
>> Steve is trying to tell you that:
>> 1) It can not be done with plain MRTG or it's would be very difficult to
>> implement.
>> 2) It's easy to accomplish if you use the routers2 frontend instead.
>> It's not that hard to implement routers2 as the frontend.
>> Lyle
>> Dan White wrote:
>>> Thanks, but I am not using Routers2, just vanilla MRTG
>>> Any clues out there for this clueless one about how to get the number
>>> I want ?
>>> On Dec 13, 2008, at 6:05 PM, Steve Shipway wrote:
>>>> If you are using the Routers2 frontend, then enable 'total and 95th
>>>> percentile mode' by placing 'percentile=yes' in the routers2.conf.
>>>> This will then report totals over the graph time window for rate-
>>>> based calculations.
>>>> We use this feature to keep track of Internet usage at home on a
>>>> per-teenager basis...
>>>> Steve
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>>>> Subject: [mrtg] How can I get totals instead of rates ?
>>>> I have set up MRTG to watch my Apple Airport.
>>>> It works great, but I cannot get the numbers I want. I want to get
>>>> a total of packets sent/received on the interface between the
>>>> Airport and the cable modem.
>>>> I have searched for how to configure MRTG to get the numbers you
>>>> want, but I cannot find the answer to this.
>>>> Thanks.

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