[mrtg] How can I get totals instead of rates ?

Dan White ygor at comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 01:42:46 CET 2008

OK, then how do I install Routers2 on a Mac ?
Your scripts are not portable

On Dec 14, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Steve Shipway wrote:

>> 'Scuse me, but is this a support mailing list for MRTG or for  
>> Routers2 ?
> This is of course a forum for MRTG; however as Routers2 is  
> currently the
> most ubiquitous frontend for MRTG and provides many features  
> lacking in the
> native interface it of course gets a lot of mention.  With many of the
> things people ask 'how do I..?' questions for, the answer is  
> currently 'use
> RRDtool and Routers2, or code it all up yourself'.
> There may be some misunderstanding here in not realising that  
> Routers2 is an
> add-on to MRTG/RRD, not a replacement or competitor?
>> My main objection to trying Routers2 is that it requires a web  
>> server.
>> All I want is to be able to monitor my own bandwidth use.
>> I do not want to have to set up a web server just to do that.
> Since MRTG outputs images and web pages, it is a natural assumption  
> that
> you're viewing these via a web browser/server combination.
> Of course, setting up RRDtool, a web server and a frontend (such as  
> Routers2
> or 14all) requires more work and can seem overkill when all you're  
> doing is
> monitoring a single metric.
>> Say Kyle:
>>> Steve is trying to tell you that:
>>> 1) It can not be done with plain MRTG or it's would be very
>>> difficult to implement.
>>> 2) It's easy to accomplish if you use the routers2 frontend instead.
> That's basically it.  Native MRTG just does not have the built-in  
> support
> for this sort of functionality.  You'd have to code it yourself.
> There are a few other third-party scripts though that will  
> calculate these
> total figures for you from the RRDtool database, if you don't mind  
> that they
> are not being served up with the generated web pages.  Of course  
> these will
> require you to move to an RRDtool backend, and that in turn requires a
> web-based frontend such as 14all or Routers2!  See the 'contrib'  
> directory
> as shipped with RRDtool for these.  There may also be similar scripts
> created for MRTG native-mode files (.log files) but I'm not aware  
> of them.
> Steve

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