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Sorry guys there was a problem with my keyboard and the mail was sent without i completing it.....If anyone couldnt understant what i was trying to explain i am attaching the png file with this mail......would be of gr8 help if anyone could explain the reason for this kind of behaviour.........

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Subject: [mrtg] mrtg----In bound traffic.....
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Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 5:41 AM

Hello everyone

                              I am monitoring my network with MRTG.I used filzilla ftp server and limited the speed at which clients are downloading the file at 4 kBps....So on my router i am seeing that the inbound traffic max is approx 4kBPs....and the average is 4kBps but the graph is telling a different story...............The green colour inbound traffic graph is drawing graphs as if everything is starting from zero...It means its not showing a constant line which should say that the network is under constant load..........everything is starting from zero.....

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