[mrtg] mrtg----In bound traffic.....

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 16 03:36:03 CET 2008

I can't explain much as I don't know enough about your system.  MRTG will
graph the figures it is given, are you sure you are giving it constant
values?  You also don't say how you are obtaining the values for 'tcp active
connections', so this may be relevant.  


The graph you show says that for certain times MRTG has been given values
less than 8 by the method you are using to poll.  Possibly this is returning
low or zero values, or failing to poll correctly?  You are probably running
MRTG with 'unknaszero' set in native mode?  That would cause a sag in the
line if the polling failed.


Remember that perfmon polls at a far higher frequency (20sec) to MRTG (5min)
so you'll see different usage patterns.


My guess is that your polling is failing and so logging zeros for occasional
samples.  Check that there are no failed poll logs coming from your MRTG





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but my other interfaces where the traffic on serial interface is moving out
the blue graph is showing a sawtooth graph....its only with the "in" traffic
i am getting this sort of result....

another thing i noticed is when i was monitoring activetcp connections..I
used perfmon and monitored tcp connections and it showed a constant line of
8 active connections.....mrtg also did show 8 but of the similar behaviour
which i explained earlier...To just show you that i am attaching the png
image........can you please explain a bit further on this behaviour


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