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sorry for not being clear......I was using MRTG with rateup and i set
the poll for every 5 minutes...I was monitoring tcp connections and as well as inbound and outbound traffic...I just gave an example on established tcp connections to show how MRTG is representing the green colour graph(showing everything from zero instead of a constant line)...Yes i do know that MRTG assumes zeroes
in absense of traffic.But i have checked the logfile and there were no
zeroes at all... This log file shows the entries of the number of tcp connections

it shows  8 8 8 8 
              8 8  8 8
until i polled for the last time

This is my configfile.........
Target[tcp]: . at servermaxbytes[tcp]: 100

as  i understand since the logfile is showing constant entries MRTG
should also graph a constant line but instead it was showing graphs
starting from zero........But if i represnt the graph by hiding the
first variable(that is green colour graph) it is showing a constant line

The values below the graph were like

tcp connections; max: 8 connections average:8 connections current: 8 connections 

A cisco router traffic data is for all traffic.  A cisco router does
not know how to separate http traffic from ftp traffic.  A cisco router
can only show total traffic.

The only traffic i was using in my lab environment was ftp
traffic........yeah cisco router traffic includes cdp traffic,ftp
traffic...........But MRTG was reporting higher traffic rate than the
cisco router is showing


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I did it again.  Forgot to include the list in my reply.


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Hello everyone


                      ... I am using MRTG in my masters project and i
think i have noticed few errors in it...........


1) I have
calculated the log file entries in the log file and took the average
over the time for which i ran MRTG.......The value which it shows it
different from the value which it graphed....Ther were couple of people
who posted this question on the mrtg forum but no one has replied....So
does anyone think this is a error or the way i am calculating it is


I posted this on the MRTG forum and one of them
tried to give me an explanation for this.......its  with the green
colour traffic....the traffic is showing as if it starts from
zero....because i limited the amount of traffic the server sends to
4kBPs so i must see a constant line(or sawtooth like graph) on MRTG
graphs but everything starts from zero......i
have checked my logfile and there are no zeroes in it.........But the
outbound traffic is showingup correctly like a sawtooth
waverform(because of TCP).........The same thing happened when i was
monitoring TCP connections on the server i suppressed the blue colour
graph and the same story every sample MRTG is graphing starts from
zero..........I am attaching a png image so that everyone can
understand it


I am using cisco router and when i saw the 5 min average input rate and
output rate..The values are different from the values MRTG is
reporting.................I have checked this many times.......


....I ran MRTG  continuously for 15 hours and and found these things







You have not explained what or how you collected this data.  MRTG &
rateup, in the absence of data, assumes a zero for the time period. 
MRTG & rateup default to a 5 min sample rate.  

You state you were collecting traffic from this device somehow, but the
graph below shows connections, which is not the same as traffic.  

Unless you have written a special tool to collect ftp only traffic, the
normal snmp data available is for total traffic only.

A cisco router traffic data is for all traffic.  A cisco router does
not know how to separate http traffic from ftp traffic.  A cisco router
can only show total traffic.

In other words, you have made some statements as to what you think are
errors, but you have not provided any background as to how the data was
collected, graphed, and what parameters were feed into MRTG &

Lyle Giese

LCR Computer Services, Inc.


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