[mrtg] RRDTOOL error

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 30 22:10:56 CET 2008

First, this is the MRTG forum.  This question is better suited to the
RRDtool mailing list (see the www.rrdtool.org <http://www.rrdtool.org/>
website for details)


Having said that, you'll need to give more information.  What is the
structure of your RRD?  Maybe your format doesn't match your code, or you
are not storing correct data. How about a dump of some data?  If the file is
full of unknowns, then your fetch (and graph) will result in unknowns and no
data as well.  Do you have a suitable RRA available in the RRD?  If not then
you won't get anything meaningful.  What values are you (trying to) store in
the RRD?  Are they within the defined range for the DS?  You haven't checked
the RRDs::error value after the update and graph calls, maybe they are
failing for some reason?


There's a few places to start.





From: mrtg-bounces at lists.oetiker.ch [mailto:mrtg-bounces at lists.oetiker.ch]
On Behalf Of Gayan S. Amarasiri

I am using the following script to draw a graph using rrdtool. But it is not
displaying any value. When I check with "rrdtool fetch" command it displayed
as "nan". Please help on this.


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