[mrtg] Adding two targets

Ricardo Siri rast1979 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 21:05:21 CET 2008

I am new in MRTG and I have a question

I tested the following target because I want to graph the summ of this two
The problem is that MRTG is performing the graph of the two variables
Can anyone help me understanding what is the problem?

Another question?
If I have 4 variables to monitor, sucha as <OID_A>:community@<IP>




Is it possible to obtain a graph with: - green line: <OID_A> + <OID_B>
                                                             - blue line:
<OID_C> + <OID_D>

In this case which would be the syntaxis of the traget?


Title[suma]: Trafico interfaz a de la
MaxBytes[suma]: 1000000000
AbsMax[suma]: 1000000000
Options[suma]: gauge, nopercent
#Options[suma]: nopercent
#. at localhost
#Target[suma]: at + at
Target[suma]: 16777219:public at
PageTop[suma]: <B>Trafico interfaz a de la</B><BR>
ShortLegend[suma]: bps
YLegend[suma]: Trafico In/Out
Legend1[suma]: Out_
Legend2[suma]: Out2_
LegendI[suma]: &nbsp;In:
LegendO[suma]: &nbsp;Out:
WithPeak[suma]: ymwd

Thanks & Regards

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