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Mark Tohill Mark at u.tv
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Thanks for the help.

Sorry about the subject.

Why does the script need to return 2 values? Can I not plot the same
value twice i.e. name the script for both in and out?

The OID does return two values, from CISCO-RTTMON-MIB. The two values
are because it stores values for two hours, hence two values:

[root]# snmpwalk secret .
enterprises. = 60
enterprises. = 35

I simply wanted to grab the latest value i.e. for the past 1 hour, 35 in
this case.

I hoped to plot that initially, and then plot an average for the second
line, same graph.

Am I missing something?

Thanks again,

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On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 8:15 AM, Mark Tohill <Mark at u.tv> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone give me a pointer as to what may be wrong with the
local/mrtg-2.13.1/bin/RTTSumIn`:secret at


Your syntax is wrong on the target line. Also, your external script
needs adjustment.

First, the script needs to output a minimum of 2 numbers.

Second, you only need to call the script once on the target line, with
no secret or address.


See http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/mrtg-reference.en.html and search
for "External Monitoring Scripts".

And just a side note. I install my MRTG just as you did in /usr/local
however I create a symbolic link to it at /usr/local/mrtg and run
everything using that path. That way when there is a new version of
MRTG all I need to do is install it to its own directory and then
change the link.


Eric Brander

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