[mrtg] minimalistic mrtg without gd/z-lib/png?

Stefan Finzel Stefan.G.R.Finzel at T-Online.de
Sat Jun 28 16:56:06 CEST 2008


I wanted to add a minimalist mrtg to a lot of Solaris containers. (There
is no chance to put it in the global zone(s)!)

Graphing by mrtg itself is not required. Rrdtool is already used for
saving, maintaining and viewing.

Is there a way to build a very small/simple mrtg without gd/zlib/libpng?

./configure --without-gd --without-z --without-png

does not do the job.


          Stefan G. R. Finzel, Dipl. Phys. (Univ.)
    Ochsenkopfstr. 5, D-95478 Kemnath, +49 (0)9642 704448

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