[mrtg] ping probe high latency

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Fri Mar 7 08:25:02 CET 2008

I m using linux ping probe to monitor my systems and various devices latency. 
But the problem is when the target system is off, the graph shows high latency like 3000-4000 ms, look at Web   :  http://www.aacablenet.org/mrtg/
instead showing high graphs, it should show downtime, like the windows base mrtg shows.
what parameters should I use with ping probe so it should show downtime instead high latency.
Also one more question, when we ping from windows pc to any host which is not available , it shows request time, but in linux it shows destination host unreacheable, how we adopt windows like ping result behaviour in linux ? (it should show request tiem out when the target pc is off)




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