[mrtg] ping probe high latency

Peter W. Osel pwo at qimonda.com
Fri Mar 7 17:56:56 CET 2008

Hello Syed,

> *** AA Inter. Network Services / SYED JAHANZAiB <aacable at hotmail.com>
> *** [2008-03-07 02:32:31]:
> But the problem is when the target system is off, the graph shows high
> latency like 3000-4000 ms, look at Web:
> http://www.aacablenet.org/mrtg/

hhmh, I thought that mrtg-ping-probe's default would be to return a RTT
of 0 when the target is not reachable.  Do you use option '-d' to set a
'DeadTime'?  Can you share the target definition from your mrtg.cfg

Also, take a look at Tobi's smokeping: http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/
a little more effort to setup but well worth it!

> Also one more question, when we ping from windows pc to any host which is not
> available , it shows request time, but in linux it shows destination host
> unreacheable, how we adopt windows like ping result behaviour in linux ? (it
> should show request tiem out when the target pc is off)

the only solution might be to install a different ping.exe?


Peter W. Osel	http://pwo.de/

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