[mrtg] MRTG for Windows Error

Joel Roberts Joel.Roberts at pinkardcc.com
Fri Mar 7 16:20:40 CET 2008

We're using MRTG on a Windows XP laptop at a remote site for
troubleshooting purposes. MRTG is installed to C:\MRTG and the html
files are going to C:\MRTG\mrtghtml. The files seem to be populating
though the traffic counts seem awfully low, may be a problem with the


In the DOS window MRTG is running in, we see the following errors


Can't exec "mrtg": No such file or directory at mrtg line 368.

Your vendor has not defined Socket macro MSG_DONTWAIT, used at (eval
####) line 1

*** Restarting after 10 seconds in an attempt to recover from the error


I've seen this issue addressed before on Linux boxes, but never on
Windows. Anyone else run into this on Windows and found a fix?

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