[mrtg] customizing the index page

R Dicaire kritek at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 20:57:00 CET 2008

Hi folks...I've been googling this for 3 days and haven't seen any
definitive information regarding what I'm trying to achieve, or if its
even possible, so here's my goal:

I'm graphing stats from various machines. indexmaker puts every
configured graph on a single index page. I'd like to have a sub index
page per host, and those hosts associated graphs display on those sub
index pages. Then have a link to each hosts sub index from the main
index. I've been given all kinds of different alternative methods (eg;
rrdtool, cacti, etal ), I don't need these, I'd just like a pointer in
how to achieve the above stated goal. I'm not averse to creating my
own main index, but I'm not sure if indexmaker is capable of creating
the sub index pages I'd require in this scenario. Any help would be
truly appreciated, thanks.

PS: I looked for a web based search tool to this list and couldn't
find one, I apologize in advance if this has been covered in the past.

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