[mrtg] cfgmaker snmp Drop back to V1

Pavel Ruzicka pavouk at pavouk.org
Thu Mar 13 14:05:59 CET 2008


> > in cfgmaker 2.16.1 (2.15.2, 2.16.0) doesn't work
> > fallback to SNMP V1 if check for HighspeedCounters failed.
> >
> > It works perfectly in 2.15.1.
> In 2.15.2 the NoHC[] directive was added to solve problems with V3 and
> fallback.  With snmpv3, you can't fall back to v1, as the credentials
> are completely different, so we needed a different signal to identify
> when to use the HC counter ans when not to.
> What cfgmaker should be doing is leaving the polling as snmpV2 or V3,
> but add a NoHC[] directive which should cause mrtg to poll ifInOctets
> and ifOutOctets instead of ifHCInOctets and ifHCOutOctets.

Thanks for explaining. I can't fix it myself, because I haven't enough
experience with perl programming.

> I haven't looked at 2.16.0/1 yet, but see if cfgmaker is adding the
> NoHC[] directive.  If it is, then it is a libmrtg problem that needs to
> be fixed.  If not, then it is a cfgmaker problem that needs to be fixed.

I have completely upgraded MRTG with all libs to 2.16.1. Only "cfgmaker"
program is copied from version 2.15.1. There will be probably bug
only in cfgmaker file.

I will be very happy, if it will works again in future MRTG versions.

Thank you very much.

Pavel Ruzicka

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