[mrtg] Exchange 2007 and MRTG

Scott S. Heath SHeath at udi.com
Wed Mar 19 14:57:39 CET 2008

I posted this on the dev list by mistake and got some great help (Thanks
Alex) but now I'm running into a new issue.


Hey all, I'm new to the list and cutting my teeth on Perl (I'm a
Windows/Exchange guy by trade) but seem to be the only person where I
work who has setup MRTG successfully and has it monitoring all the
routers and switches at each client I deal with on a daily basis.


We just installed Exchange 2007 into a multi-site organization, got
everything working exchange wise perfectly and now I've turned my sites
to monitoring it. Since I have MRTG already installed and it's got that
wonderful external scripts option I figured I could write something
simple to parse a file and pass the results to MRTG.


The script works in that data gets passed to MRTG but the results are
anything but what I expected. I've attached both the   perl script and
the input file to this e-mail.


My mrtg log file looks like:

1205889837 1200 0

1205889837 1200 0 1200 0

1205889485 7096 0 12000 0

1205889300 12000 0 12000 0

1205889000 12000 0 12000 0

1205888700 12000 0 12000 0

1205888400 10073 0 12000 0

1205888100 1532 0 10000 0


I'm more interested in graphing the current # of files then anything
else. The average won't help anything, nor will the max. The current
number reporting on the hourly page is: 4836.0 Files


I'm assuming MRTG does some sort of mathematical process to the stats,
and if I knew what the exact formula was I could compensate for it in my


Any ideas?


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