[mrtg] Exchange 2007 and MRTG

Scott S. Heath SHeath at udi.com
Wed Mar 19 16:18:45 CET 2008

The output is exactly what you have there (only with different numbers of course). I fought that battle yesterday with the help of the dev list.

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>>> "Scott S. Heath" <SHeath at udi.com> 3/19/2008 9:57 AM >>>
> The script works in that data gets passed to MRTG but the results are

> anything but what I expected. I’ve attached both the   perl script
> the input file to this e-mail.
> My mrtg log file looks like:
> 1205889837 1200 0
> 1205889837 1200 0 1200 0
> 1205889485 7096 0 12000 0
> 1205889300 12000 0 12000 0
> 1205889000 12000 0 12000 0
> 1205888700 12000 0 12000 0
> 1205888400 10073 0 12000 0
> 1205888100 1532 0 10000 0
> I’m more interested in graphing the current # of files then
anything else. 
> The average won’t help anything, nor will the max. The current
> reporting on the hourly page is: 4836.0 Files
> I’m assuming MRTG does some sort of mathematical process to the 
> stats, and if I knew what the exact formula was I could compensate 
> for it in my script.
What does the raw output of the external script look like before you 
add it to the target line of the cfg file?  The result should be

<exchange server name>

The first two lines can be flipped.  You just have to decide if you
want to
show a blue line (put the 4836 on the second line) or a green area
it as the first number) and then use either NOO or NOI,depending on 
which one you want to see.

The third line is the uptime of the device, but accuracy isn't
important, the 
number just needs to be there.  The fourth line is just the name of the


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