[mrtg] real-time throughput measurement

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If you do not want you do not have to use RRD, but then the 'Interval: 0:30' will not work and the graphs will be based on 5 minute intervals.
However if you put in 'RunAsDeamon: no' and start your mrtg config file frequently from some other program your graph will be updated each time you run mrtg.

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	I have no RRD tools installed, if I have really understood, I haven't to install, isn't it?
	(Excuse me for my english, it isn't still good)
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	On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 19:48 +0100, saka valériane wrote:
	> Thank you for your answer but I want however to try with MRTG, after
	> that, I'll see if the real time of 30 seconds is enough or not. 
	> So, can you give me your configuration please?
	Interval: 0:30
	Then delete all of your RRD files (yes, you have to use rrdtool as the
	backend) and let MRTG create new ones.
	You will have to have some way of running the poll every 30 seconds -
	Cron has a 1 minute granularity, so you will need to use 
	RunAsDaemon: yes
	I'd also highly suggest that you limit the snmp timeouts to one or two
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