[mrtg] Problem with Cisco 2924 Switch

Kevin Neumann Kevin at NinthBrain.Com
Sun May 4 03:46:46 CEST 2008

I am having problems reporting on a Cisco 2924 switch.  I had MRTG setup
and running on a previous Cisco switch, but it died and now I can't get
this one working correctly.
I have SNMP configured on the switch with the following config line:
snmp-server community ninthbrain RO
I used the following command to generate my mrtg.cfg file:
cfgmaker --output=mrtg.cfg ninthbrain@{IP ADDRESS OF SWITCH}
I then updated the WorkDir line manually.  I also setup cron to run the
mrtg command on the cfg file with a 5 minute interval.
At this point, MRTG seems to working correctly.  There are no errors and
the log files are collecting data.
The problem however, is the data the log files are collecting.  All of
my ports are reporting the same data and all of my graphs are a flat
line at about 35 b/s.
An example from one of my log files is:
1209865204 102168435 1664983983
1209865204 0 35 0 35
1209864905 0 35 0 35
1209864900 0 35 0 35
.... (the rest of the lines are all 0 35 0 35)
Has anyone had this problem??? Any ideas on how to fix it?  I only found
one other post with a similar problem, but no solution mentioned.
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