[mrtg] How to change the default MaxBytes?

Luis Carlos Solano lsolano at racsa.co.cr
Wed May 7 16:24:57 CEST 2008

Frederick William Borges Pohl wrote:
> I wanted to know how can I change this default value so all the Mrtg 
> graphs come with the MaxBytes value of 10Mbits.

For any fedault parameter, target "[_]" must be used.

Read about "Default values" here:

I use it a lot.

I have my mrtg.cfg in a file that only has default values and then, I 
include one file per router/device. So, I placed lines like:

Options[_]: bits, growright, noinfo, nobanner, nolegend
XSize[_]: 590
YSize[_]: 200

and those lines apply to all targets.

Luis Carlos.

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