[mrtg] how to show all ports graphs ?

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Thu May 15 09:09:55 CEST 2008

 but what is it "--show-op-down" or "--no-down" mean ?

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2008/5/14 ehaha <ehaha at 126.com>:

 hello,i am a mrtg user .may i ask you some question ? thanks.
i have a 24 ports switch , some ports up and some ports down . but when i use cfgmaker create a mrtg configuration file , the configuration file only create up ports , the down ports is commentaries with "#".
i also use "--show-op-down" or "--no-down" ,but it nothing change !
i don't know how to show all ports use cfgmaker .

After you have a config file you can just edit it with your favorite editor and remove the #'s from in front of the ports
you want to include.

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