[mrtg] Seemingly incorrect data

Scott S. Heath SHeath at udi.com
Wed May 21 18:15:40 CEST 2008

Just another small piece of info...


My MPLS provider tells me the data they provide is a daily average.


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I've got a fairly complicated network with MPLS, VPNs and Internet
connections that I watch with MRTG, every thing seemed to be working ok
until I dove deeper into the raw data.


I have both internet and MPLS going over the same physical interface
(using sub-ifs) so in theory my MRTG data for that interface should be
larger then what my MPLS provider is showing...problem is it's not, even
after I convert MRTGs numbers from bytes to bits...


MRTG Max Byte: 29435

MRTG Avg Byte: 10113

MPLS Provider Bit: 1241550


Any ideas? I'm not sure if my MPLS provider is giving me Max for that
day or an average.


Any ideas?


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