[mrtg] Monitor traffic between two interfaces.

JEAN Vanlord jeanvanlord at yahoo.fr
Tue May 27 16:48:28 CEST 2008


I have a problem but I don't fine the solution :'(.

I try to monitor the traffic between two interfaces:

I have a cisco 2800 with 3 interfaces:
1) 1st  compagnie
2) 2nd compagnie
3) Internet.

My request is : I want to monitor the traffic between  1 and 3 and between 2 and 3 and have a graphic with the traffic utilization for the month.
It was to facture the internet traffics...

It's possible to make this with MRTG ??

I have already MRTG who monitor traffic on all interfaces but not only between two interfaces.

Attention there are traffics between 1and 2 it for this reason that I try two monitor only between 2 interfaces.

I don't no if I am clear on my request?

Thanks in advance.

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