[mrtg] Configuring MRTG/rrdtool with <1 minute intervals

Christopher Noyes cnoyes at csc.com
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  Are there any plans for Routers2cgi to support <1 min. polling?



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Re: [mrtg] Configuring MRTG/rrdtool with <1 minute intervals

> > I am currently attempting to configure MRTG/rrdtool to poll some SNMP
> > statistics at a rate under 1 minute.
> This is not possible using MRTG.  Check the MRTG documentation. Although
> RRDTool can support intervals as low as 1 second, MRTG cannot.

>From Tobi's email, it seems that MRTG can now accept decimal intervals (I 
wonder when this was added? I'm behind the times).  However it still holds 
that the routers2 frontend will not show graphs for smaller periods than 6 
hours, IE, 1min-per-pixel, so you'll need to have some other way of 
displaying them.  I think 14all and default mrtg-rrd will also only show 
Daily graphs (IE, 5min interval) and not smaller (but I may be behind the 
times on these, too?)


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