[mrtg] cfgmaker with template using SNMPv3 problems

Dunc dunc.lockwood at thebunker.net
Thu Nov 6 20:10:45 CET 2008

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Dunc wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been succesfully using cfgmaker to create me a config using
> SNMPv3 for a while now, just for the standard interface graphs.
> I'm now trying to create a host template to graph memory usage.
> I've shamelessly ripped off the CPU template example from the
> cfgmaker guide webpage and added the correct OID, I'm almost there
> apart from the fact that it doesn't create the SnmpOptions line in
> the resultant config file, and $router_connect doesn't contain my
> SNMP options string.
> Even if I hack $router_connect in my template like this....
> my $router_connect_with_SNMP_Options = $router_connect .
> "::2:1::3";
> and then use as my target...
> Target[$target_name]:
> ...when I run mrtg against the resultant .cfg file, it doesn't know
> to use v3 and send a password etc. So it's got to be something to
> do with cfgmaker as a whole not knowing to use v3 for this target,
> and thus not creating the SnmpOptions line.
> Also on the cfgmaker page is an example script that claims....
> "This template file generates exactly the same configuration code
> per interface as cfgmaker does by default, with the exception that
> it eliminates all lines (comments as well as config code) for an
> interface if the interface happens to be rejected."
> But, seeing as how that template doesn't mention
> SnmpOptions[$target_name] anywhere, I'm guessing that's not
> strictly true.
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Dunc

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I should have said I'm running cfgmaker like this....

/usr/bin/cfgmaker --enablesnmpv3 --snmp-options=::2:1:1:3 --global
"Options[_]: bits,growright" --global "MaxBytes[_]: 125000000"
- --username=MRTG --ifref=name --ifdesc=alias
- --contextengineid=800007c703000cdbfb5500 --authkey=<mykey> --global
"WorkDir: /var/www/localhost/htdocs/mrtg-tbsh/Switch/THN-BGP-1"
- --privprotocol=des --authprotocol=sha --privkey=<mykey>
- --zero-speed=100000 THN-BGP-1



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