[mrtg] Performance

Johannes Prost Johannes at yorktondigital.ca
Tue Nov 18 22:40:39 CET 2008

Hello Dan,

sorry to jump into this thread, but I have a question below

> No, my command line is very short:
> [mcdonalddj at ldap cfg]$ sudo cat /etc/cron.d/mrtg
> */5 * * * * mrtg /usr/local/bin/mrtg /var/mrtg/cfg/mrtg.cfg
> --logging=mrtg.log
> but mrtg.cfg is very large.  It is full of Include: statements, e.g:
> Include: /var/mrtg/cfg/common.cfg
> Include: /var/mrtg/cfg/sitea/sitea-router1.cfg
> Include: /var/mrtg/cfg/sitea/sitea-router2.cfg
> Include: /var/mrtg/cfg/sitea/sitea-ups1.cfg
> ...
> In common.cfg, I have all of the standard things, like LogDir:, HtmlDir:
> and ImageDir:, the forks: declaration, and LogFormat: rrdtool
If you have all those standard things in common.cfg, how do you get the
"connection" from sitea-router1.cfg and all the other .cfgs to common.cfg ?
I am/was under the impression that every .cfg file has the settings for it's file.
The way to handle this sounds really good. I am curious how to bind that all
together. Would you share/explain this ?

I certainly DON'T have the need as I have only a few targets, it's curiosity and a
bit learning.


> mrtg farms out the polling amongst the 30 forks, then does the disk
> writes sequentially so as to minimize disk collisions.
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