[mrtg] Data collection interval

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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You need to do 5 things.
1. Make sure you are using RRDtool as your backend and not native mode, else you can't use <5min.  If you switch to RRDtool from native, be aware you will need a frontend to cretae the graphs on demand, such as Routers2 or 14all.
2. Put 'Interval:1' in your .cfg files.
3. Delete your old .rrd files - they were made with interval 5 and so you cant convert them easily.  The new ones will be automatically created according to the Interval: definition.
4. Change your collection to 1-min intervals.  This may mean altering your scheduler (if you use something like cron) or may happen automatically (if you run MRTG in daemon mode)
5. If you are using Routers2 as your frontend for MRTG/RRD, you will need to add '6hour=yes' to your routers2.conf to enable the '6hour' graph in the menu (IE, the graph at the 1min granularity rather than the daily graph which is 5min granularity)


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Hi, instead of collecting data on my Cisco switch every 5 minutes, is it possible to change it to say 1 minute interval?  I am collecting data from 3 devices using rateup under just one MRTG instance running.

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