[mrtg] New MRTG book finally published and available!

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Oct 2 02:25:25 CEST 2008

At long last, my new book, "Using MRTG with RRDtool and Routers2" has been published by Lulu.com and is available for on-line ordering.  Currently, this is not available from high-street shops or from Amazon (frankly, the cut they take is huge) but I'm working on increasing the availability.  In any case, you're all computer systems people and so should have no problems with on-line ordering.

The book (with introduction by Tobi Oetiker, the author of MRTG and RRDtool) deals with all of the common questions relating to installation and configuration.  It also has detailed information about performance tuning, and using the various more advanced features available in both MRTG and the Routers2 frontend.  Even if you use 'native mode' MRTG, you can find this reference useful as it covers all of the configuration options including the ones not relevant to a RRDtool/Routers2 installation.

In the book you will find information about plug-ins and extensions for both MRTG and Routers2, and the cfgmaker utility is also discussed, with information given on how to make templates along with examples.  You can see a preview of the first few pages of the book online if you'd like to see the whole contents list.

A second smaller book, the "MRTG and Routers2 Reference" consists of just the reference appendices of the main book for people who only want these.

There is also a Companion CD containing all the relevant software, and utilities and examples, which is a free download or can be ordered online for cost only.  This will be updated frequently as new software versions come out.

I intend to bring out revised editions of the book as new versions of MRTG and Routers2 come out.  You can find out more, and order the book, from this page:


Thankyou for your time, and I hope you find the book useful!


(You would not believe how complex the paperwork is to try and stop the US from withholding as tax almost all of the small amount of royalties I get from this book. It is honestly more complex and confusing than the paperwork I went through to gain New Zealand citizenship!)

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