[mrtg] mrtg latest version and platform question

Volk,Gregory B greg.volk at edwardjones.com
Fri Oct 3 15:26:58 CEST 2008

A big chunk of our development environment is virtualized and during the
last MRTG upgrade we did the dev work on a virtualized system. The
biggest problem we had was a clock drift issue which utterly broke MRTG.
Without a reliable clock, RRD updates become bogus. I suspect this issue
is fixed now (it's been a while) but the quickest way for me to deal
with it was to go to a non-virtualized system.

This explains the problem and a workaround:

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We are currently running mrtg version 2.15.2 on an Intel box running
Free BSD.
We are contemplating moving it to a new box preferably with the latest
version, and most likely moving it to a Red Hat OS on a VM instance on a
ESX platform.

Has anyone ran into any gotchas or problems that may forwarn us of any
difficulty we may find.  

Also if anyone knows of any key issues that the latest version broke or
fixed from version 2.15.2 it would be a help.

If you could I would appreciate direct email regarding this to
rjkopp at syr.edu.
However if you think it is applicable and use to other people feel free
to copy it to the list.

I just sometimes don't get a chance to read the list, and this will be
an active project very soon and I will want to get it running ASAP.

Thanks for any thoughts, opinions etc.

Ray Kopp
Syracuse University,
NSM, Network Design & Development
rjkopp at syr.edu
215 Machinery Hall
Syracuse, New York 13244

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