[mrtg] adding a new probe to the cfg file

Luis Carlos Solano lsolano at racsa.co.cr
Tue Oct 7 23:21:03 CEST 2008

Gail Glick wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to mrtg and need to add a new probe to the existing cfg file. 
> I have looked over the documentation but am still fuzzy on how to go 
> about doing this. How do I run cfgmaker and then append that to the 
> existing file?

I'd do it simpler: just run cfgmaker and save the output in another 
file, not your current config file.
Then, just open it and include there what you need.

Also, now that I've just said 'include', you can include a complete file 

Include: file

That's been very useful for me.

I mostly keep only global options on main main config file, then, I add 
different config files for devices.

Another solution is running two different MRTG processes, at the same 
time. If you've got a good box, you can do that too, just call the two 
(or more) at the same time in your cron.

Hope it helps,

Luis Carlos.

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