[mrtg] bytes v/s bits

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Mon Oct 27 17:31:15 CET 2008

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Subject: Re: [mrtg] bytes v/s bits

> Apologies for the confusion:
> It is showing bytes instead of bits although I have the bits option set.

Option[_]: ...

is only a default.  This setting is used if there is no other Option 
statement more specific to the target.

Try Option[mytools_my-router-1_3.interfacegigabitethernet0-0]: 

Or find the line currently specifying options for your target, and remove 

You cannot have both.

And Dan MacDonald's question may also be very important... you can set all 
the options you want but if the front-end doesn't use them... 

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