[mrtg] effects of changing interval on existing databases

rihad rihad at mail.ru
Wed Oct 29 05:51:18 CET 2008

Steve Shipway wrote:

>> As you can see the Interval above is 5. If we change it to 10, how will
>> the logfile above change?
> Not at all, unless you delete it and create it.

>> At what resolution will new samples be added
>> to it?
> Exactly the same.
Thank you, Steve, but this one is still tackling me: If I change 
Interval from 5 to 10 then apparently MRTG will start polling devices 
once every 10 minutes, so new data will by design be added 10 mins apart 
to the old logfile? How could it remain at the same 5 mins apart resolution?

BTW I can only imagine how graphs will look at 10 minute resolution. 
Probably not too familiar ;) We've really got used to the classic 5 
minute graph layout.

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