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>The first problem is that the MAX and AVERAGE values are always the same

>for hourly and daily reports. For greater time frames, say yearly, I get

>the expected different values?

This is correct.  The reason is that your normal MRTG-generated RRD file holds four AVG RRAs and four MAX RRAs, corresponding to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  The number of samples making up a data point are 1, 6, 24, and 288 respectively (if you have a 1-min interval, then these will be 1, 30, 120, 1440 instead).

When you make and hourly or a daily graph, you will use the first RRA since this has the smallest data sample (5min).

Since the first RRA has only 1 sample per data point, then of course MAX = AVG.  For weekly, monthly and yearly you will use the second, third and fourth RRAs which have more samples per data point and so MAX > AVG.

>Secondly, can somebody, using the above example show me how to get

>everything into nice neet and tidy colums, my values are getting

>printed all over the place and I can't seem to get the spacing correct.

You probably don't want to use them like this; the average of the max is not so useful.  Also, the MIN is not going to be correct as you don't have a MIN RRA in your RRD file (unless you add one).

To put them into columns just add the required number of spaces into your GPRINT statements, and use the %lf options to fix the display width; however, something like this is probably best (aligned to show where the spaces are):





    "GPRINT:IfIn:LAST In :%5.0lf%sb/s ",

    "GPRINT:IfIn:AVG In  :%5.0lf%sb/s ",

 "GPRINT:IfInMax:MAX In  :%5.0lf%sb/s\\n",

   "GPRINT:IfOut:LAST Out:%5.0lf%sb/s ",

   "GPRINT:IfOut:AVG Out :%5.0lf%sb/s ",

"GPRINT:IfOutMax:MAX Out :%5.0lf%sb/s\\n",

Coincidentally, this is approximately the way both MRTG and Routers2 do it.

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