[mrtg] Getting error when trying to use new template with cfgmaker

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Aug 5 00:32:47 CEST 2009

You may have a corrupted copy of the template; sometimes, lines that are overly long get 'helpfully' wrapped by Notepad or some other editors.  Check that there are not lines broken at odd places.  I've checked the template and it appears to have some wrapping but not in significant places; I removed the unnecessary newlines anyway.

The error message talks about a ')\' sequence; there should not be one of these in the file (at least, not looking at the code I can see) so possibly something has been accidentally changed?



C:\MRTG_SETUP>perl c:\mrtg-2.16.2\bin\cfgmaker --host-template=windows_host.htp --community=da1sy  --
global="PathAdd: c:\Progra~1\RRDtool" --global="LogFormat: rrdtool" --global "WithPeak[_]: ymw" --glo
bal="Workdir: c:\Progra~1\RRDtool\rrd_data"  --global="Options[_]: bits,growright" --ifref=ip --ifdes
c=name --no-down --output="c:\mrtg_setup\configs\localhost2.cfg" localhost
Backslash found where operator expected at (eval 11) line 13, near ") \"
        (Missing operator before \?)
ERROR Evaluation of the contents in the file

gave the error

"syntax error at (eval 11) line 13, near ") \"
syntax error at (eval 11) line 41, at EOF

Exiting cfgmaker

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