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Sean Cheesman scheesman at caeveo.com
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Is there an entry for OtherDepartmentIP in your Riverstone config?  I only see myIP.  Since OtherDepartmentIP is working, I would try to duplicate any entries for it.  Are both OtherDepartmentIP and myIP on the same subnet?  Just some questions to help me visualize your config.  Thanks,


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Hello everyone,

first, thanks a lot your help. It still doesn't work... so i'm going
to write down all I realize about my problem right now:

1. MRTG works perfectly with my Cisco routers: GetIf and MRTG work both OK:
    I obtain SNMP response with MRTG, GetIf and SNMPWALK.exe on windows.

2. Riverstone doesn't work with GetIf and MRTG either.

 2.1. I cannot generate the .mrtg file with CFGMAKER.
 2.2. I don't obtain SNMP response from the RStone with GetIf.
 2.3. I do'nt obtain SNMP response from SNMPWALK.exe that I execute by windows.

I acced to my RStone by an internal provider network, so any Firewall is
filtering me. Moreover, I can access by SNMP to the Cisco routers by
the same network.

So, probably my problem is located in RStone configuration??

That's my RStone configuration:

  acl SNMP permit ip myIP/32 any
  acl SNMP apply service snmp logging deny-only

  snmp set community public privilege read
  snmp set community private privilege read-write
  snmp set trap-source IP
  snmp set source-ip WAN.IP

  snmp set mib name ctron-ssr-config-mib status enable
  snmp set target targetIP community public status enable
  snmp enable trap authentication

I can see the ACL SNMP counter growing:

  Forward    Count    Source IP/Mask
  Permit      18         myIP/32

And I can see the SNMP 5 last access:

  SNMP Last 5 Clients:
  OtherDepartmentIP      2009-08-26 20:53:16
  myIP                          2009-08-26 20:53:28
  myIP                          2009-08-26 20:53:28
  myIP                          2009-08-26 20:53:29
  OtherDepartmentIP      2009-08-26 20:53:16

The OtherDepartmentIP is a machine that is receiving correctly
(theorically, the responsable is on holidays) SNMP responses.

So...... that's my case.... and the case is that I don't know what to
do now... Am I forgotting anything??

Thanks a lot, another time!!


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