[mrtg] serverirons CPU utilization

Venkat praneeth Nangineni nv_2030 at yahoo.com
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Well as Mcdonald mentioned you need to redefine your scale by using the switch factor[xxx]:0.01 to display the value in terms if percenatages[ 0 t o100]

Snmp values are  integers and  as Mcdonald mentioned snmp values would be represented in permyriad meaning per 10,000. So in your case a value of 700 would mean (700/10,000)*100 which is 7%. As i mention make use of the switch factor to display the value in terms of percentages.

Best regards  Venkat

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Thanks Venkat for the explanation.

I have set Options to gauge. The
MRTG graph is now showing CPU utilization value between 700-1000. Could
you please let me know how to interpret this value? Truly speaking, I am
used to see CPU utilization in terms of % (value below 100).


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