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It seems this is not the most active mailing list on Earth :)

Here is the answer to my question:

it appears that Windows does not offer a way to suppress event log messages
created by applications, but MRTG has a command line option --logging
filename|eventlog, and if you do not want MRTG events in Windows application
logs you can log them into a file, or if you do not want to log at all you
can use a NULL device in place of the file name.

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I get the following three mesages in windows 2003 server application log
every 10 secs:
Can't exec "c:\mrtg\bin\mrtg": No such file or directory at c:\mrtg\bin\mrtg
line 368..
Your vendor has not defined Socket macro MSG_DONTWAIT, used at (eval 253810)
line 1.
*** Restarting after 10 seconds in an attempt to recover from the error
This makes the application logs messy and I wonder if there is a way to fix
this or stop logging messages from MRTG at all.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you,


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