[mrtg] Calculate bandwidth transfered?

Evan Platt evan at espphotography.com
Tue Feb 17 23:39:47 CET 2009

Hmm... I'll take a look at routers2...

Trying to install it however:

2. Web server CGI directory.
    This is the full path of the directory where your web server keeps the
    CGI scripts.
  CGI directory? /Library/Apache2/cgi-bin
[\Library\Apache2\cgi-bin] is not a valid directory.

  ls /Library/Apache2/cgi-bin/
total 236


I'll look through the manual. Tried on 2.19 and 2.20 beta.

Thanks. :)


At 01:04 PM 2/17/2009, you wrote:
>If you are using MRTG/RRD with Routers2, then you get this calculation
>automatically, just enable 'percentile=yes' in the routers2.conf (the
>default setting) and you'll get 95th Percentile calculations plus Total
>Usage calculations, over whatever period (day, week, month, year) you are
>Alternatively I believe there are some other 3rd party scripts available in
>the contrib. directory that can do this for plain MRTG

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